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Introducing Igrow Chicago's new Englewood Healing Justice Basketball Court

Over the past couple months, Igrow Chicago has been transforming two vacant lots into a court for healing justice. This play space for all ages aims to create accessible alternatives to violence and opportunities for physical activity and stress relief. 


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Jahmal Cole, founder of "My Block, My Hood, My City", brings awareness to hidden disparities in Chicago

In his new book, “It’s Not Regular,” Jahmal Cole uses images from his daily life to show the poor conditions in his community, that are passed off as "regular" and the everyday norm.

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Hebru Brantley inspires the Dreamer in all of us with Nevermore Park

Meet Flyboy and Lil Mama from the imagination of Hebru Brantley. Nevermore park is a life-sized immersive universe and the home of Flyboy and Lil Mama.  The 6,000 square foot Nevermore Park, is filled with hopes and dreams, a glimpse into the heart of Chicago and meant to inspire the imagination within all of us.

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